Euro to Dollar Rate Remains Unchanged

A decrease in European stocks resulted in the euro to dollar rate to eliminate earlier gains produced by the euro because of larger than anticipated profits in German investor opinion. Investors remained worried about the wellbeing of US banks.

Banking giant Mellon reported that a decrease in earnings of over 50 percent and State Street Corp reported an 8-12% decrease in operating earnings. The earnings reports caused a drop in stock markets and strengthened the opinion that financial institutions are fighting and retrieval will require more time. Economists state that blended reports from financial institutions are maintaining risk aversion large and therefore are impacting it.

Investors Dump Euro in Favor of both Dollar and Yen
These combined accounts have caused lots of forex investors to ditch the euro in favor of secure haven currencies including the US dollar and the Japanese Yen. The Euro to dollar exchange rate remained unchanged at $1.2920, down from a high of1.2988. The euro to dollar rate had climbed ahead of this ZEW report that steps German investor confidence.

Euro to Dollar Rate to Remain Under Stress
This is expected to remain under pressure because of doubt if the European Central Bank will embrace unconventional policies to deal with the continuing international downturn. The ECB is viewed by many economists behind the curve in adopting policies to tackle the downturn and credit crunch and this has a negative influence on the euro to dollar rate from money markets.

Investors are expected to keep the focus on banks and also the health of the financial sector. There’s a good deal of uncertainty over how well creditors will do if the international downturn proves to be more and deeper than anticipated. Risk aversion is anticipated to continue to place pressure on prices on Forex trades.