Five Sites to Download Free Kids Songs

If you are a father or mother who has a small child, surely you want your child to listen to songs that are appropriate for their age. The songs will certainly support their development to be better than listening to adult songs that are not suitable for his age. Therefore, in this article Plimbi will review some sites that you can visit to get various kinds of child songs for free.

These sites have a huge collection of songs so your child will surely love them. In addition, the songs provided on the site are also mostly in English so you can teach your child early English.

Jamendo Kids Music

The first site you must visit is Jamendo Kids Music. This Jamendo site provides hundreds of free albums containing children’s songs that you can download for free. In addition, the site has also classified the various songs for various age groups, such as for children, kids, children, even for Enfants. There are also various other unique music types that are also suitable for your child is trance and techno.

Before you download it, you also can first listen to the preview of the song so that you are not wrong in downloading the file. Interestingly, not just one song that you can preview but all the songs on the album you can preview. The trick is to press the play button at the bottom right of the album. to download it, you just press the download button then all the songs on the album will get you directly.

To visit this Jamendo Kids Music site, you can access it here.

Free Kids Music

The next site that you can use to download free child songs is Free Kids Music. When you go to this site, you will be presented with several short profiles about the song contributor on this site as well as new songs added by them. There are various types of songs that you can download lagu , one of which is the type of l + Traditional for children.

In addition to providing links to download ed sheeran , this site also provides the lyrics of the song so it makes it easier for your child to memorize it. You can also listen to the preview of the song before you download it. If you want to access this site, you can visit it here

Nancy Stewart Music

Next there is Nancy Stewart Music site. When you open this site, you will see a very colorful look that is perfect for your child. This site provides hundreds of songs that have been grouped into categories such as language-building, science, activities, games, seasonal and holiday, movement, and more.

The songs you download from this site may be mostly unfamiliar to your ears. But over time you will love the song because the songs on this site has a very nice tone to hear. In addition, this site also provides many free songs that you can download each month on the menu monthly free track. If you want to visit this site, you can access it here

Dream English

Dream English is the next site that you can use as reference to download children’s songs. This site focuses on providing songs that can educate children. The variety of songs provided on this site is perfect for children who are learning English because the songs mostly teach about English vocabulary, alphabet cassettes, names of days of the week, and more.

In addition, this site also provides a variety of game ideas that can be used as a reference for a kindergarten teacher. If you wish to visit this Dream English site, you can download it here.

Kids Public Radio

The last site to be discussed by Plimbi is the Kids Public Radio website. Unlike the four previous sites that provide links to download free songs, this site presents a variety of radio stations for children who are scattered on the internet. If you are interested to listen to it, you can visit this site here [GAN]